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Metal organic small molecules are generally obtained at room temperature by stirring for a couple hours.In recent years, use of microwave-assisted synthesis technology in the preparation of metal complexes [21,22], especially ruthenium complexes [23,24], could significantly increase the yield of many complexes to about 90% in a shorter period of time ( G-quadruplex DNA for cancer chemotherapy, increased selectivity for G-quadruplex DNA and low cytotoxicity are key factors to consider in this process [30].

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Then, it was purified by recrystallisation from distilled water, yields 99.0 mg (90.7%).In 1986, Giguere first reported the application of commercial microwave ovens in organic synthesis [17].Subsequently, microwave-assisted synthesis technology has been extensively developed in the fields of chemical synthesis, materials science, and biotechnology due to properties of both high efficiency and high yield [18,19,20].In the present study, a series of arene Ru(II) complexes (Scheme 1) were synthesized under microwave irradiation.The molecular mechanisms through which the arene Ru(II) complexes caused cancer cell death were also elucidated, and the results indicated that arene Ru(II) complexes inhibited cell proliferation by inducing tumor cells apoptosis.-NPIP = 2-(3-Nitrophenyl) imidazole [4,5f] 1,10-phenanthroline) were synthesized in yields of 89.9%–92.7% under conditions of microwave irradiation heating for 30 min to liberate four arene Ru(II) complexes (1b, 2b, 3b, 4b).

The anti-tumor activity of 1b against various tumor cells was evaluated by MTT assay.C NMR spectra were recorded on a Bruker DRX2500 spectrometer.The Ultraviolet (UV) titration were recorded on a Shimadzu UV-2550 spectrophotometer, the steady-state emission spectra were recorded on a RF-5301 fluorescence spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan), and the CD spectra were recorded on a Jasco J810 circular dichroism spectrophotometer (JASCO Corporation, Osaka, Japan).The results indicated that this complex blocked the growth of human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells with an ICArene Ru(II) complexes have long been considered one of the most promising candidates for anti-cancer drug therapy due in part to their low toxicity and remarkable anti-cancer activity [1].Numerous arene Ru(II) complexes have been designed, and their anti-tumor activity and DNA binding behavior, as well as their underlying mechanisms of action, have been extensively investigated.Consequently, it was shown that arene Ru(II) complexes can bind and disturb the replication of DNA, and thus induce apoptosis and tumor cell cycle arrest [2,3,4,5,6,7,8].

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    The 11th-century Persian geologist Avicenna (Ibn Sina, died 1037) and the 13th-century Dominican bishop Albertus Magnus (died 1280) extended Aristotle's explanation into a theory of a petrifying fluid.