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"Whether it's ‘I want to fuck that girl' or ‘Why haven't I fucked that girl?

"Do you worry, do you know, do you feel that the way you were around—the way you were around women 30 years ago is a little different, Donny, than the way you are now." "A million percent," he said. "So should you be brought down for the way you were 30 years ago? But I think everything is contextualized." "And in my case, a lifetime of feminism, and blah blah blah, loving women, and elevating women versus a man who for his entire lifetime was chasing underage children, everything has to be contextualized," he said.

Deutsch also said "carnal guys" are "better people" and praised men in power who are "womanizers." "The question ‘How is this going to get me into the sack' goes deep to the heart of all impulse to action," Deutsch writes. I also believe it's the carnal guys who are better people and use their power to better ends." In 2005, Deutsch praised Bill Clinton and other Democratic presidents who were known philanderers.

On Friday, the panel called Clinton a "predator" who sexually harassed Monica Lewinsky.

"I don't think there's been a day in my business career when there hasn't been some woman at work that I fantasized about," Deutsch wrote in his chapter "Women Are Muses." "People come by the office, look around and say, ‘Boy, the men and women at Deutsch are very physically attractive,'" Deutsch continued.

"Now obviously we hire supremely competent and talented people, but the idea of some woman that I'm excited to see or flirt with or even just think about stimulates me in business." "I cannot remember a time in my career when I was not having either a flirtation with a woman in the office, or a friendship, a fantasy, or all of the above.

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Mark Halperin, a Morning Joe regular was accused of propositioning junior staffers, groping, and pressing his erection against women while working for ABC. Two years ago, Deutsch made colleagues on Morning Joe uncomfortable when he approached Brzezinski and gave her a kiss on the cheek on-air. "Come on, you felt something," Deutsch told Brzezinski. I felt something." Update p.m.: This post has been updated with further information.

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I want to know." "Every incident is—should I be brought down if I tried to kiss a woman, should my life end because I did that 30 years ago? Request for comment from MSNBC and Deutsch's representative were not immediately returned.